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What's the difference between Coaching and Community Play?

The great thing about Tennis Hot Shots is that it caters for children aged 3-12, regardless of what part of their tennis journey they are on...

Community Play
and Coaching are two very different programmes that are designed to both complement each other perfectly, but are also flexible enough to work independently of one another!

Community Play...CP 350px

...is the perfect programme for tennis clubs and venues of all sizes. The programme is flexible enough to fit any club or venue in the way they want, and Community Play doesn't require the services of a professional coach.

Community Play is not coaching. It is a chance for children and families to see if they are interested in tennis, and also a chance for coached children to get out there and play in a welcoming, supportive environment.

In its simplest form, Community Play is a 6 week programme that follows a structure of warm-up, challenge, play and wrap-up. Each week children are also taught a good sport message!

You may find that Community Play is offered during club open days, during holiday programmes, as part of the weekly club programme, and even over the winter months as an offering for kids who want to keep their eye in during the off-season! 

So, Community Play is fantastic as either an introduction to tennis and the tennis club, or as a way for children who have regular coaching to actually PLAY the game and improve through fun matchplay! 


Tennis Hot Shots Coaching...coach 400px

...is a very high quality development programme for children. Often Tennis Hot Shots coaching is user-pay, with low coach to child group ratios where children learn in a small group with others at a very similar level to them. Tennis Hot Shots coaching offers a blue stage for the wee ones, 3 stages at red level, 2 at orange and 1 at green.

Registered Tennis Hot Shots coaches have access to lesson plans that have been designed by player and coach development experts from Tennis Australia and worldwide.

A big part of Tennis Hot Shots Coaching is the Programme Competencies. These are a tennis version of a school report card so parents and children can see the skills required in order to move through the levels of Hot Shots and where they are currently at in the grand scheme of the programme

Children who receive coaching should also be encouraged to join in the clubs' Community Play programme if they offer one. Community Play gives coached children an opportunity to play tennis in an environment that supports their development. It lets them put their skills into practice!

Learning Through PlayLTP350px

Long gone are the days of long queues of children waiting for the ball to be fed from the coach that can make even young kids look like champs… that is if tennis champs were always those who displayed the best form in a completely controlled environment!

Both Coaching and Community Play are based on the same philosophy of 'learning through play'. Children learn the game of tennis, not just the skills. Learning through play means children are always active. Whether they are working on their own or with a partner, children always have a task and a role to play.

Tennis Hot Shots sessions are designed to ensure children can grow all aspects of their game. The important developmental factors are fun, tactical/play, skills and social.

With this rounded approach, children not only develop their tennis knowledge, but a LOVE for the game that we hope will be with them for a lifetime.