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Tennis Hot Shots Equipment


Kids need racquets that fit them.  A general rule of thumb for finding the right fit is for the racquet to reach the child's ankle when they hold it down by their side. Kids racquets range in size from 19" to 26".  

> Read more about age, stage and racquet size

Greendale 1


Slower, softer balls are the key to Tennis Hot Shots!  Red, orange and green balls bounce lower and travel slower than yellow balls, making them super easy for kids to hit.  

The best way to learn about the different types of balls is to watch this 1 minute video.  The video compares the bounce height of the low-pressure red, orange and green balls against the yellow ball.


Courts and Nets

With the exception of the Green stage, Tennis Hot Shots courts are smaller and the net is lower. But don't worry, building a Tennis Hot Shots court is simple. In fact, you don't even need a tennis court for the blue, red and orange stages - a hard surface or indoor space will do just fine!

This 50 second video gives a great overview of what the red, orange and green courts look like.


Other Essentials

Marker Lines: Throw down lines, chalk or tape are essential for marking out the red and orange courts.  

Cones: Cones are really useful.  They can be used to help children keep score; as targets; as saftey markers; and as tools to make activities easier for the really young ones.

Big Balls: Big balls are great at helping young kids learn to catch. They can also be used for more advanced players when working on improving body rotation.

Barrier Tape: Barrier tape is a great way to make lots of nets quickly and inexpensively. You can purchase it from any hardware store and it can be used and re-used for many many sessions. 

Buying Equipment

Find out more about purchasing equipment for your Tennis Hot Shots programme.