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What are Hot Shots Tournaments?

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Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments align with the philosophy and development stages of the Hot Shots programme. Catering for children aged 5-12 in the red, orange and green stages of the programme, they use smaller courts, shorter racquets and super hittable balls which means kids can play and enjoy tennis from their first try.

With the growth of Hot Shots school, coaching and Community Play programmes around New Zealand, it is critical that these children can transition into an environment where they can have a great competitive experience at their local club or centre that is fun, friendly and relevant to their age and standard.

Tennis Hot Shots Tournaments have been intentionally designed to:

- Be time friendly (start and finish time within 3 hours).

- Create the best environment by using appropriate sized courts, slower balls and shorter racquets.

- Present appropriate competition through shorter, multi-match formats and simple scoring systems.

- Recognise effort and participation over outcome or results.

A child having a great competitive experience relevant to their age and standard, at their local club or centre, is the cornerstone of having them fall in love with the sport and therefore become lifelong participants.