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A guide to rules, courts, equipment and scoring for the red, orange and green stages

First off, you're probably wondering "Why the different courts and equipment?"

Imagine a young child new to skiing at the top of a black run; your eight year-old trying to kick a conversion through full size goal posts; learning to swim in the deep end of an Olympic pool. Other sports have been adapting equipment and rules for children for many many years and tennis is no exception.

The reduced court size is fundamental in offering every child the opportunity to play an all court game and enjoy the sport in an environment relevant to their age and ability. The smaller courts, shorter racquets and low-pressure balls allow young players to learn a full raft of tactical, technical and physical skills that are fundamental to their tennis development.






Check out this page to learn more, and watch videos about the type of equipment that Tennis Hot Shots uses.

Use the resources below to get a really good idea of all the rules, formats and equipment used for each of the levels...