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Competing is at the heart of sport, including tennis.  The vast majority of young players aspire to improve their game and compete in appropriate surroundings.

Competition should be a normal part of a child’s involvement in tennis.  The Hot Shots Community Play programme is all about playing the game, but even in an Hot Shots coaching programme a child should regularly experience competition.  This may be during each lesson in the form of a warm up or end game; it may be a solo challenge or a partner task; or competitive points against others as part of a team or solo.

Appropriate competition:

  • Makes learning meaningful

  • Provides a measure of improvement, and a value to coaching

  • Assists mental and competitive development

  • Teaches respect for others, the game and the understanding of rules

  • Gives a sense of achievement and aids progress

  • Motivates all players and in particular identifies those with a specific talent for the game

  • Provides an off court social element which is also enjoyable