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Work with your club to get the most from Tennis Hot Shots

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Tennis Hot Shots Coaching and Community Play are two quite different programmes.  

One (coaching) is a high quality player development programme led by professional qualified coaches.  The other (Community Play) is a quality, structured play based programme that can be led by volunteers, parents, teenage helpers, or professional qualified coaches.

Community Play is a club owned programme, that can compliment a coaching programme very very well. Here are our suggestions for making the most out of aligning your coaching and Community Play programmes...

Use Community Play as a feeder into your coaching programme and club membership.

1. Talk with your club to encourage them to sign up to Community Play. You can take the role of Community Play Coordinator to ensure everything runs smoothly and from one point of contact at the club.

2. Decide on a suitable day and time for Community Play sessions to be held. Community Play should be open to members and non-members and a small charge is appropriate (just no more than $5). 

3. Join forces with the club and use all the marketing resources provided to promote Community Play in local schools, supermarkets, nurseries, playgroups, markets etc.

4. Get teenagers that you coach to deliver Community Play. All Community Play volunteers are trained (free of charge by local facilitators) to deliver Community Play to participants.

5. On the day/night of Community Play, make sure you and some club representatives are free to mingle with parents and put them at ease whilst providing them with plenty of information on coaching and the club.

6. Coaches and clubs use Community Play as a loss-leader which ultimately ends up as a steady feeder for the coaches business and club membership.

7. THS coaching should be user pay (with Community Play offered for free to club members and gold coin donation for non-members) so coaches can be really driven to grow their business.

8. Ideally, you and the club would work out a win-win situation incentivising the coach to convert as many coached children to club members as possible.

9. Remember Community Play is not coaching. Don’t undervalue your coaching programme or business by confusing Community Play and Coaching.

10. Manage the expectations of parents by explaining the difference to them. You can use some of the marketing material provided in the programme to help communicate this.