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What can Hot Shots offer you?

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How does it work?

Tennis Hot Shots Coaching is all about helping you do what you do best. Coach.

Small, focussed groups, a progressive pathway through the blue, red, orange and green stages, modified equipment to help kids learn best, and user pay so you can grow your business at the same time as giving your participants the best experience. Hot Shots Coaching is for children aged 3-12, catering for those trying tennis for the first time, as well as advanced players who are committed to tennis as a main sport of choice.

What will you get?

Becoming a Hot Shots Coach gives you the tools, resources, promotion and support you need to give kids a quality on-court experience by making all the off-court stuff a real breeze. There are masses of resources at your fingertips to help you with parent education, lesson planning, promotion, and admin. Upon sign up, you’ll receive a benefits package valued over $400 including balls and a net to get you started. We'll also gift you the best kids’ tennis app on the market – an easy to use tool packed with tennis activities for kids aged 3-12 years. Throughout the year your players will have access to exclusive competitions and events through our monthly newsletter and to top it all off we'll send you a limited edition player gift to pass on to them during the summer. All up, you'll have access to around $1000 of benefits each year. See the full list of benefits.

How much?

Registration to Hot Shots Coaching costs just $170 per year which gives you access to over $1000 of benefits!

Each year you’ll continue to benfit from annual equipment top ups, player gifts and money can’t buy opportunities such as ‘kids on court’ at the ASB Classic.

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