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What is Community Play?



Tennis Hot Shots caters for clubs of all sizes and in all locations. Community Play is a programme designed especially for clubs and can be used very successfully in conjunction with your coaches Hot Shots coaching programme, or on its own if you don't have a coach!

Community Play can be run by club volunteers, parents or guardians or coaches.  It is a play based programme which gives all children the opportunity to play in a fun, supportive environment.

What is Community Play?

  • Designed for all groups large or small...

  • Participants will serve, rally and score using modified low-compression balls (red, orange and green), smaller racquets, scaled courts and simple scoring systems.

  • Play formats match the developmental stage of the participants: Blue stage: 3-5 years, Red stage: 5–8 years, Orange stage: 8–10 years, Green stage: 9+ years.

  • Fundamental motor skill activities are provided for younger players who are just starting tennis.

  • The programme runs for six weeks (this is just a guideline) and can be delivered at the best time of the year for the club.  

  • The programme is flexible enough to be used for club open days, holiday programmes, regular term time sessions or junior club mornings. 

  • Sessions are 45–90 minutes in duration.

  • Clubs are encouraged to also conduct play-on opportunities for the participants, such as opening their courts for family play or holding a social BBQ after the Community Play programme. 

Is your club ready to play?

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