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Providing a great programme - get the most from Tennis Hot Shots

Here's our suggestions on how to best set up your Community Play programme. If you've got a club coach offering Tennis Hot Shots Coaching, then you'll also find this article interesting.

Setting up your Community Play session

1. Plan a free promotional event a couple of weeks before of the start of your Community Play programme.

Use this event to recruit participants and parent volunteers

3. Advertise at your local schools, supermarkets, nurseries, playgroups, markets etc - use the marketing material provided as part of the programme to help you with this!

4. Make a day of it! Get the BBQ fired up, find a creative club member to offer face painting, invite the local coffee cart to set up in the car park, chat to local businesses to see if they can offer small spot prizes.

5. Put on some fun tennis challenges and games. Perhaps even a parent and child competition on the red courts!

6. On the day have a sign-up sheet for your Community Play programme – perhaps it is free for the children of the first five parents that sign up as volunteers.

7. On the day have plenty of information about the club and lots of friendly faces (teenage members come in especially useful here) to chat to parents and look after the children on the court.

8. Make sure everyone leaves with a leaflet about your Community Play programme including information on when it starts, what time, how much (remember no more than $5) and who to contact in order to book a place.

9. It’s always worth stating ‘limited spaces’ or ‘sign up before X date to reserve your space’ to encourage people to commit.

10. Even a small charge (gold coin) will help place more value on the programme. If people pay for something, they are less likely to take it for granted!


Clubs can use Community Play as:

• a free benefit of becoming a club member.

• a weekly programme for members and non-members (small charge for non-members).

• a holiday programme.

• a fun get together once a month for families.

• part of the fun during club open days/have a go days.

• a term 4 and 1 promotion opportunity in local schools during the summer season.

• a fortnightly/monthly winter programme to remind children and families that tennis happens all year round!

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